Hormones and your skin

Do you find certain times of the month your skin looks radiant and other times of the month it looks terrible? You're not alone! Besides your lifestyle, diet and skincare routine, hormones can play a major part to your skin.

Week by week our skin varies dependent on our menstrual cycle due to oestrogen and progesterone levels throughout the month. During this time, it is important to adapt your skincare routine.

Here is a quick breakdown of when your skin will be looking its best, and when it's likely it won't. But fear not... to be forewarned is to be forearmed and we have put together skincare advice which will help you maintain a healthy radiant complexion throughout the month.

Week 1- Your skin may feel a little drier than usual

The first day of your menstrual cycle. Oestrogen production has increased and progesterone has subsided, meaning the oiliness you experienced the week before has diminished. You will also feel more sensitive during this time - so postpone any waxing!


Guinot Hydra Cellulaire Serum to your skincare routine to boost hydration to your skin.


Guinot Aromatique Facial

Week 2 - Your skin is looking fab!

Your skin is looking great as your oestrogen levels rise which counteracts the spot inducing hormones: progesterone and testosterone.


Guinot Gommage Biologique to very gently exfoliate away dead skin cells and maintain your radiant glow.


Guinot Hydra Peel

Week 3 - And so it begins...

This is a key moment in your monthly cycle when your body is preparing for the potential to have a baby. Oestrogen levels are rapidly decreasing and progesterone is starting to rise. This stimulates sebum production. In other words, your skin will become oily and can be prone to outbreaks.


Guinot Gommage Biologique (a very gentle exfoliant). Its very important that it is gentle and you don't use anything harsh or abrasive that will stimulate sebum production. At the same time, you need to remove dead skin cells and bacteria which can build up on the skin. It is this that gets trapped in the skin which can lead to breakouts.

Guinot Acnilogic Serum is an amazing product to add to your skincare routine during this time. It normalises excess sebum and rebalances the skin, tightens pores and eliminates shine.


Guinot Hydra Clean

Week 4 - Bag over the head time!

Cortisol, testosterone and progesterone levels are high as your body prepares for menstruation. This is when your skin is most reactive and inflamed. Sebum clogging and inflammation will contribute to an outbreak. This will be particularly prominent along the jawline. Continue with your skincare routine from week 4 to keep blemishes at bay.


Guinot Gommage Biologique

Guinot Acnilogic Serum


Guinot Hydra Clean

For more information or to arrange a consultation with a Guinot Skincare Doctor, call 01291 626 260

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